I love fog.

For me, it’s a simple reminder that not being able to see something doesn’t equate to that thing not being there. Sure, this could be used as a simplistic argument for the presence of God, but I mean something more — more than just His existence. I’m referring to His work: in my life, in my family, and in this world.

Yes, I believe in God. And yes, I believe He is at work (again) in my life, in my family, and in our world. However, sometimes I fail to see any proof of this truth. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like He’s working. Sometimes it feels like He’s not even there. It’s at these times I think of fog, and I remember that something being hidden is not the same as something being gone.

This morning, here in Northern Kentucky, it looks like someone has erased downtown Cincinnati, but, of course, it’s still there. The picture above, taken from just outside our apartment, would normally be of the city skyline. Today, it’s just a wall of gray. In the same way, even when it feels as if He’s moved (or maybe never really been there), I remember God is always there and always at work.

God is and ever shall be.