Lori and I wrote a book. If you’re reading this, you probably already knew that. In the week since it was published (as an ebook for now – softcover is in the works), she and I have talked a good bit about how to get the word out, how to increase sales, and how to heighten awareness – the whole bit. If you’re a part of our social media universe, then you’ve no doubt seen our attempts in this vein. We’ve tweeted and posted, and this weekend we even took some new pictures for our Facebook page. If being a gorgeous couple translates to book sales, our next stop is the New York Times.

lori & steven mcclure

What we haven’t really talked about – outwardly anyway – ┬áis why we wrote the book in the first place. For me. that’s really the best part. Over the course of 17 years, if we’ve learned even one thing (and hopefully, if you read the book, you’ll believe that we actually learned 15 things), it’s that life together can be really, really, hard. We believe the things that matter most sometimes require the most work.

In short, as Lori put it, love is a fight. But it’s worth it.

What’s more, we truly believe there’s strength to be gained from sharing the ups and downs of our journeys one with another. Christians today love to talk about where we’re going but are all too often afraid to talk about where we’ve been. We celebrate the overcoming, but shy away from an honest look at what we’ve had to come through. All of this celebrate-the-victory-and-ignore-the-battle stuff can have an alienating and isolating effect. We begin to despair. Life can be hard, and with that realization sometimes comes hopelessness – especially when you believe you’re the only one who is struggling.

Trust me. You’re not.

We’d love for you to buy our book and read it. man, that would be awesome. But if you never do, that’s fine, too. Know this. Love is hard, but it’s worth it. And you’re not alone …