It’s here!!! It’s here!!! 15 Ways to Make Love Impossible is finally here.

And guess what? For the price of one of those fancy coffee drinks, you get to read all about our neuroses, which should leave you feeling pretty good about yourself.

Honestly, we’re having a lot of fun with all this. But you should know a couple of things before you dive in:

  1. We appreciate all the support. We didn’t expect so much of it to come pouring in, so thank you!
  2. A special thanks to those who read our words before they were a book and offered suggestions well over a year ago. You helped us chop and trim and make things better.
  3. You’re going to find mistakes. Since we self-published on a limited non-existent budget, we’ve done the best we could with what we have. We genuinely believe it was better to let the book go out into the world now rather than waiting for perfection. We’ve definitely learned a lot, and I’m sure we’ll find cringe-worthy errors along the way. Or you will. But we’re good with that.

And from Steven:

A couple more things you should know as you prepare to have Your. Entire. Life. Changed. Forever. And Ever.

  1. God wants you to buy our book, and buy a copy for everybody in your prayer circle/growth group/accountability circle. Today. (That’s not true.)
  2. What is true is that Lori and I believe we’ve been called to share a bit of our journey together with you, whoever you may be — not because our journey is better than yours or because it’s funny or awesome or, heaven forbid, because it’s Christian. Simply because, at least at some point along the way, our journey may look like yours. By God’s grace, perhaps you can learn from our mistakes or be comforted in shared failures or find hope that the difficult times don’t have to be the end of the story.

We’re not called to compare our lives but to share them and find strength and hope in the sharing.

15 Ways to Make Love Impossible
15 Ways to Make Love Impossible

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15 Ways to Make Love Impossible

Thanks again, everyone!

We appreciate you all!