umbrella-11Everything can change in a moment.

I’ve been thinking about this idea ‑ not in the context of getting some really great (or really terrible) news, but as it pertains to the way things go in married life.

It’s funny how one careless phrase, one untethered word, or even one wayward glance can (in an instant) ruin a meal or a day or a marriage. For me, it’s a terrible and daunting thing to think that what started as a joke in my head can turn into a weapon once the words leave my mouth.

Everything can change in a moment.

The good news is that truth works both ways. In a blink, we can wound and tear down and diminish, yes, but we can also in the very next moment heal and build up and add to.

We can follow up a comment we shouldn’t have made . . .

  • “Why do you always?”
  • “I wish i’d never”
  • “You used to be . . .”

with one we should . . .

  • “I’m sorry.”
  • “Please forgive me.”

Looking back on our years together, I’m quick to remember all the times things went from zero to devastating in a matter of a few seconds or moments with foolish words. I do well, however, to also remember all the times things were made better by an apology, a hug, a quick and sincere admission of fear or doubt or anger or caffeine withdrawal (it’s a thing).

Everything can change in a moment.

Sometimes this truth hurts. Sometimes this is a heavy and hard reality of life together. But fear not, for just as quickly as a tear can fall, a smile can break, forgiveness can be sought, and forgiveness can be given. Hope can be reborn.

Love can live. Again.

Happy new year, from us to you.

– s.