Hey everybody. Just a few points of interest from us to you:

First, there have been some inquiries about a hardcover version of our book, and it’s coming. The process is a bit more involved than what’s required for an ebook, so bear with us. But it’s coming. Brace yourselves.

Second, our book is still totally and completely and wonderfully available for purchase over at Amazon. We’d love for you to go buy a copy, and then buy one for your friend, and then feel led to buy one for your pastor, and then have your pastor feel led to buy a copy for everybody in your church, and then have your local news do a story on how every marriage in your church – nay, your community! – has been saved, and then do a quick spot on Ellen and then have her give away a copy to everyone in her audience, and then have like 30 million people buy our book and then have people call it “the Harry Potter of marriage books” (though i don’t know what that would even mean) and then take the royalties from all that and go live at disney for a year…

But,  even more than all that, we would love it if you or someone you know (or someone you don’t know) could be helped a bit by reading about where we’ve been and how we got to where we are. And so to that end, we’ve put our book on Noisetrade, which means you can download it for free, and then point other people to do the same. [The site will ask you if you want to leave a tip, and if you do then great (God said for every $100 you give you’ll have ten extra years of good health.) (No, he didn’t.), but if not that’s totally fine, too.]

And last,

we just want to say that in a world where the tools for creative distribution are becoming more and more egalitarian, we know you’re asked to watch/read/comment/share something every 1.2 seconds. And we know that can get old. Thanks for being patient with us and allowing us to intrude upon your day for even a second or two, and in all things,

be well… – s.